Most rice varieties lack nutrition value


by Dilanthi Jayamanne

Eighty percent of the types of rice available in the market have a low nutritional value, a recent survey by the Health Ministry has revealed.

The survey conducted by the Non -Communicable Diseases Unit of the Health Ministry has found that 2.5 kg of bran from every 22kg (1 bushel) of rice is discarded during husking and polishing in rice mills.

The discarded bran – which

includes the fibre, vitamins and minerals necessary for humans and it is used to feed pigs and cattle. The remaining portion of the grain contains carbohydrates and sugar which increases blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

The NCD however promotes a raw-food social culture as it helps cut down on the HBP and diabetes. People are encouraged to consume kurakkan, pearl millet (meneri) and rice with bran, with raw vegetables.

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