Rural teachers to get better schools in 2011

By Bingiriya Corr.

According to a decision taken by Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Education, steps will be taken from next year onwards to transfer government school teachers who had served more than 08 years in the same school.

According to sources, there was a dearth of teachers in many remote schools in the country, while there more teachers in popular and urban schools.

"Teachers serving in remote schools were unable to get transfers to urban schools with modern facilities that they could enjoy. They suffer for years being unable to get transfers due to non-availability of replacements," W. M. Somapala, President of Bingiriya School Principals’ Association said at a meeting of govt. school teachers at the Bingiriya MMV recently.

He said that some teachers have the support of powerful politicians and work in the same popular school for more than 20 years.

Therefore, politicians of this country should not interfere in matters of transfers and promotions of school teachers and principals, he pointed out.

"The National policy of teacher transfers should be impartially carried out throughout the country and students would get equal opportunities in education which was a fundamental right of students," he pointed out.

W. M. Balasooriya, Director of Education Bingiriya, also spoke.

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