Death of Baku Mahadeva

Desamanya Baku Mahadeva, one of the oldest surviving members of the former Ceylon Civil Service, passed away yesterday at the age of 91-years.

Mahadeva had an illustrious career spanning four decades serving as Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture & Food, Secretary Ministry of Public Administration & Home Affairs. and also held the post of Secretary to the Treasury post-retirement.

He had also served as Chairman of the National Development Bank & DFCC & was also a Director of the Peoples Bank.

After retiring from the public service, he served as an International Civil Servant in Malaysia.

Mr Mahadeva also served as Chairman & Director of several private sector companies, besides being Chairman of the board of trustees of the Sri Ponnambalavaneeswara Temple, Kochikade & Sri Arunachaleswara Temple, Mutwal.


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