US support new hospital for Palai in Kilinochchi

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Sherry Carlin, along with Dr. P. Sathiyalingan, Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Northern Provincial Council, inaugurated the newly constructed Divisional Hospital in Palai on Wednesday (Dec 4). The following is the US Embassy statement:

"The hospital built at a total cost of USD 525,000 (approximately 69 million rupees) consists of an emergency treatment unit, 24 inpatient beds (12 beds each for pediatrics and maternity ward with delivery room) and a pharmacy.  The hospital will also provide preventative health services through outpatient services.  

This new hospital will have a significant impact on thousands of people living in the surrounding communities by offering accessible, quality healthcare," said Ms. Carlin at the opening ceremony.  "The Divisional Hospital will act as the primary healthcare facility in Palai, until other medical facilities within the Province can be reconstructed and rehabilitated to help support the medical demands being placed on surrounding medical facilities.  This means the medical staff here will be able to treat people more quickly, offering urgent medical attention when needed while also offering less costly preventative care for the entire family."

This hospital is one of nine hospitals being funded by a combined effort with the Civil Military Support Element (CMSE) from the U.S. Embassy in conjunction with NGO Medical Teams International, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health and Northern Province Directors of Health Services, World Health Organization, and a diverse group of engineers and specialists.  An additional five hospitals will also be opened in early 2014.

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