Health unions to educate patients on their demands

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Joint Council of Nursing-Professions Supplementary to Medicine and Paramedical Services (JCNPPS) yesterday warned that it would give the Health Ministry two weeks to resolve six demands, which include clearing up discrepancies in allowances.

Joint Convener JCNPPS, Saman Jayasekara, however, said that they would first carry out a large scale awareness campaign to make the patients and public aware of the issue which had led to a series of strikes by them. Leaflets would be distributed in government hospitals countrywide to patients coming for medication. They would also hold meetings in several major hospitals to make patients and relatives aware of the true situation.

Jayasekara said that the awareness campaign of the JCNPPS would be launched on Monday (09) and would go on for two weeks. 

The coalition demanded that the Health Ministry intervene, on its behalf, with the Treasury regarding disparities between several allowances received by doctors and themselves. "What we are requesting is that, several allowances and overtime payments be made proportionally parallel to those paid to doctors," he explained.

They also demanded that the Health Ministry intervene in re-starting grade one promotions to nursing PSM and paramedical categories with the Ministry of Public Administration. The situation was thoroughly unfair as grade one promotions were only given to a technical category while overlooking other health service categories. He said that nurses were given promotions after 17 years previously while PSMs and paramedics were promoted to the grade only when they had over 10 years of service.

The discrimination between the technical category and other service categories had created great discrepancies in salary scales. The Health Ministry had written to the Ministry of Public Administration with little results.

However, the Health Ministry claimed that to grant the demands of the JCNPPS, Treasury as well as Ministry of Public Administration approval was needed therefore ad hoc decisions could not be taken.

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