Young film makers present their productions

ChildFund Connect Family Film Festival:


Eleanor Loudon, National Director ChildFund Sri Lanka awards a gift to Meedumi Kaushalya from Thoduwawa for best actress in the film ‘Drunk Father’

The international ChildFund Connect Family Film Festival – 2013, was launched this week with more than 700 children, from Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Laos, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, submitting films exploring the theme of ‘family’ and the role it plays in their lives. Over the next few weeks, film festival events will be held in all seven countries with the participation of the children, their families and communities.

In Sri Lanka, the festival took place last Monday (2) at D. M. Dassanayaka Memorial Hall, Andigama, Anamaduwa. About 150 children, parents and community members participated in the event, organised by children, with the support of ChildFund Connect. Five short films: ‘Drunk Father’, ‘We are Friends’, ‘Our Father’, ‘Two Sisters’ and ‘Shattered Dreams’ were shown. The films explored subjects such as alcohol abuse, family separation through migration of parents for employment and social disparity.

A panel of judges, based in Sri Lanka, voted for the best actress/actor, best story and best technique for the five short films produced by children from Sri Lanka. All three awards went to the team from Thoduwawa for the film ‘Drunk Father’.

"When we started, I didn’t even know how to switch on a camera," said Amith Roshan (15) from Thoduwawa. Now he and the rest of his team who have all taken turns with each part of the film making process are able to handle the video camera with ease.

"We learnt many things like how to identify and write stories and how to solve different problems, because there were many while we were trying to make the film. We never expected to be able to present them in a festival". He added that he would like to learn more about filming to pursue a career in the field one day.

The Film Festival was part of ChildFund Connect, a global education programme that uses multimedia technology to inspire children to connect and learn with their peers in developing countries.

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