GMOA presents 12 proposals to govt.

Tackling killer kidney disease

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) yesterday released to the media the 12 proposals it had submitted to the Health Minister for implementation to tackle the Chronic Kidney disease.

About 13 kidney patients die daily for want of effective treatment.

The treatment given to the patients was conventional, GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya told a media conference at the association’s auditorium.

He said that many multinational agro-chemical companies were dumping various toxic agro-chemicals, pesticides and weedicides in Sri Lanka.

The GMOA has proposed:

*Establishment of a comprehensive health programme on CKD within the Ministry,

*Development of strategies to prevent and control the disease based on the best available evidence, conceptual framework on current findings

*Establishment of a surveillance system for chronic non-communicable diseases, (national surveillance system for CKDs

*Establishment of a common research agenda to streamline scientific research conducted with funds from government sector institutions

*Establishment of a mechanism for collection of specimen needed for further evidence gathering for CKD

*Improvement of the resources available for laboratory diagnosis for evidence gathering on CKDs

*Redefining safety regulatory guidelines for water, food, etc in relation to dissolved materials

*Establishing CKD advocacy initiative through the health education bureau to facilitate health promotion initiatives, programmme

*Looking after the children who lost their parents due to CKD

Building the capacity of the Ministry of Health to adequately contribute to other health-related sectors in order to safeguard health concerns of the public

*The appointment of clinicians with expertise in toxicology to support the CKD public health programmes

*Enhancing the curative settings at the local level.

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