Rajakaruna denies plans to join govt.



By Zacki Jabbar

Western Provincial Council UNP Member Harshana Rajakaruna said yesterday that some media reports, to the effect the he would be crossing over to the government were false.

He told The Island that the Rajapaksa regime usually spread rumours of defections whenever elections were approaching. Such claims were bound to increase in the coming weeks with provincial and national polls expected to be held early next year, but he would not leave the UNP, Rajakaruna said.

"My late father Mr. Sarathchandra Rajakaruna was a staunch UNPer for 34 years and represented the Dompe electorate. I will not insult him by joining a corrupt and dictatorial government that has lost touch with the people and is heaping more burdens on them," Harshana said, adding that no sensible person would join the Rajapaksa band wagon at a time when the masses were flocking to join the UNP-led joint opposition, having realised that the country was being taken on a suicidal journey of lawlessness, crime, rape and killings, which were

increasing by the day.   

On Monday, Colombo District UNP MP Sujeeva Senasinghe also scotched rumours that he would be defecting to the government.

He said that such a thing would not happen even over his dead body.

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