Fishermen earn Rs. 950 M. under DiviNeguma


DiviNeguma has provided 15889 beneficiaries in the fisheries sector with technical knowledge and financial assistance to launch projects to develop aquatic resources under the DiviNeguma National Programme. During the period they have been able to earn an income of Rs.950 million.

 DiviNeguma made a special contribution to the ornamental fish industry which has increased its contribution to the export market by 30 percent. Nearly 10,000 beneficiaries are engaged in this industry.

 Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa is directing these programmes with the full participation of the Fisheries Ministry under the guidance of Fisheries Minister DrRajithaSenaratne.

 In this connection the Aquatic Resources Authority has launched 10 projects island-wide under DiviNeguma.  They include rearing ornamental fish, rearing freshwater fish, raring oysters and production of smoked fresh water dried fish. Reservoirs and ponds have been built inland for the purpose.

 Sri Lanka’s annual fish harvest is 486,170 metric tons while consumption per person per day is 40 grams. The number of active fishermen is 222,160 and the total number of fishing community members is 835300.  The number of fishermen who engage in freshwater fishing is 46460.

 Rearing freshwater fish in the Dry Zone reservoirs has resulted in a harvest of 920 metric tons. This in turn has greatly helped to raise the nutrition level of the rural population and improve their living standards under DiviNeguma. For the same purpose 450 ponds have been built in the NuwaraEliya, Kandy, Matale and Badulla Districts.

 Allocations have been made for the provision of loans by the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Department under the DiviNegumaProgramme.  Already 1664 beneficiaries have received loans for the launching technical projects in this connection.

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