Drop in heroin haul weight puzzles many; police see nothing strange

By Madura Ranwala

Many an eyebrow has been raised over the mysterious reduction in the weight of heroin seized on August 30 and sent to the Government Analyst.

The Customs on August 30 seized 261 kg and 292 g of the narcotic but the Government Analyst’s report has put the quantity down at 130 kg. The stock of heroin was handed over to the Police Narcotic Bureau by the Customs on an order issued by the Maligakanda Magistrate Court on August 31.

When asked yesterday how there had been such a drastic reduction in the quantity of the narcotic, Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana told The Island that about 130 kg had been recorded as impurities, according to Government Analyst’s report. "A bottle of arrack does not contain only alcohol. It contains only a certain percentage, likewise, in the blood, red blood cells are in a majority but not in total. Therefore, the detected heroin has been analysed by the Government Analyst and in his report he has recorded the net weight of pure heroin at 131 kg and 148 g."

JVP propaganda secretary MP Vijitha Herath, addressing a media briefing on Sunday alleged that politicians protected the drug Mafia. He queried whether the ten kilos of heroin found in Hikkaduwa was part of the heroin alleged  to have disappeared from the haul detected by the customs.

Pointing to a shocking incident at Kotakethana, in Ratnapura, where a lonely mother and a daughter were brutally killed in January, 2012, by a secretary of a politician who was alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking, MP Hearath said, "The suspect is free today."

Herath said: "From that point there was political influence to cover up drug trafficking. Finally, politicians went scot free and the rate of murder and drug trafficking rose alarmingly."

He criticised the Prime Minister for behaving as if he were a baby, who did not know anything about the largest heroin smuggling attempt, when he was questioned recently, after it was revealed that one of his secretaries issued a letter requesting a waiver of demurrage charges on the narcotics container.

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