Sharp rise in early teen  pregnancies

by Don Asoka Wijewardena 

Medical officers of Health, serving in difficult areas, have reported a sharp increase in early teen pregnancies.

Health Ministry sources told The Island that in fairly recent times, girls, under the age of 15, were getting pregnant in those areas. Most MOHs had reported a dramatic rise in teen pregnancies, they said.

Sources revealed that the MOHs had no alternative but to implant the birth control device capable of stopping pregnancies for five years, in those young girls.

Some parents either deserted their children or went abroad for employment without ensuring proper guardianship of children, Health Ministry sources said.

It is also reported that in some instances, adults looking after the children watched pornographic movies and the underage charges fell easy prey to their urges.

Sources added that the Health Ministry had sent circulars to the MOHs in the difficult areas to conduct awareness programmes for the benefit of the vulnerable groups.

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