NP: Chief Minister Vs Governor


Former Supreme Court judge C.V. Wigneswaran received his Chief Ministerial appointment letter from the Northern Province Governor G.A.Chandrasiri (file photo)

By J. Yogaraj

Three months have almost gone after the historically important northern provincial election. The election has been a landmark victory for democracy. Sri Lanka clearly showed a message to the world that the tamils - populated northern province was ready for an election and to elect their representatives to administer the province. The Tamil National Alliance won the election on 21st September 2013 overwhelmingly. But they made a blunder here stating that winning the Northern Election means that they have got all important powers to rule the region. This gives a wrong picture. We should understand that the people of the northern province understood the Sri Lankan constitution better than TNA. They voted for the TNA not to waste time on talking about the weak points of the 13th amendment and other constitutional changes, but to work for the people, within limitation.

If the TNA is genuine in finding lasting solution to the ethnic problem, they should learn how to work within the limited frame structure. Also, they should show willingness to cooporate with the central government.

The Governor of the Province has provided all necessary facilities and created a friendly atmosphere for the TNA-backed provincial administration to serve the people. But the TNA has other ideas of finding fault with the Central Government and the Governor of the Province. As Prof Rohan Gunaratne correctly mentioned, that the TNA is not trying to bring joy to the Tamil people, but distress and worries to all of them. This is the concept adopted by a segment of Tamil Diaspora for a long time. The relations of the Tamil diaspora, who are domiciled in Sri Lanka, should realize that the so-called TAMIL diaspora is not trying to bring joy to the Sri Lankan tamils. Instead, they seem to be creating unnecessary problems in Sri Lanka, to fill their pockets (for their survival) and to survive in those countries.

The Tamils have a rich history in Sri Lanka; they are one of the most intelligent hard working community, or man power force, in the world. Unfortunately, this image has been torn into parts due to the attitudes of the the Diaspora. The majority of Tamil Diaspora does not do any tangible, effective work in those countries. They get relief assistances, including dole money, and live like a "LAZY DUCK". There initiatives and activities show that they want to continue to live like this, which will create a bad example for their future generation.

If the TNA wants to do something good for the Tamils , first they should try to change the confrontational attitudes. They should realize that the LTTE has lost the WAR against the government forces. Therefore, they should also understand in any competition , the team which loses the game should also face some consequences. They cannot expect the winning team to give you all that the LTTE wanted. If the TNA says that they follow the concepts of LTTE and they campaign that LTTE represents the majority of Tamils, then they should also accept the defeat of LTTE in front of the government forces as well. Thereby, they should accept the verdict of the nature.

Having gone through this, the TNA has now passed resolution demanding the removal of the Governor of the Northern Province stating that the governor is an ex-Military man. They wanted a civil servant to be appointed as the governor. Any lament will understand this as completely un-ethical and an unfair demand. If the present Governor is a military person, what is wrong with that? He has served the country at the highest level, and based on the capability and competency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed G. A. Chandrasiri as the governor. The governor also in return, has performed his duties in a more professional and effective manner for the last 4 and ½ years. During this time, the province has seen many, rapid developments in almost every public sector. The reconciliation activities also took place on a high note. Governor, G. A. Chandrasiri, is no more in military services. He retired from the services long ago. It should be noted that many ex-military personnel have been appointed in various capacities of the state sector including secretary to the ministries, chairman and other high level positions. If you take Mr. Suresh Premachandran and Selvam Adaikalanathan, they are members of parliament. If LTTE, TELO, EPRLF are considered as a Military outfits, then Premachandran and Adaikalanathan were ex-military leaders of EPRLF and TELO respectively. Further, we cannot understand one argument here is that, if ex-senior members of a terrorist military outfit which fought the government forces are allowed to become members of parliament, but a senior military officer who served the Sri Lanka army and served the country to protect the sovereignty is not allowed to take up a position of Governor. This is not fair. Any rational person will understand this clearly. But it is a pity that highly educated TNA members do not understand this simple theory. This clearly shows the TNA has a different agenda. They have been harassing the governor from the time they took office. This is a clear violation of the fundamental rights and privileges of the Governor who act as the sole representative of HE in a province. Further. According to the constitution, There is no restriction in the appointment of the Governor. Also, if theeastern province can move smoothly without any hindrance with a ex-Navy personnel as the governor, why cannot the northern people?

The Governor has categorically stated that we cannot allow the Tamil National Alliance members to make other dance according to their tune.

(The writer is a journalist from Jaffna)

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