Senior managers aspiring for Corporate Leadership to benefit from JASTECA Scholarships to Japan

Senior Managers who are aspiring to be corporate heads of tomorrow, steering the destiny of their enterprises, are in with a great opportunity. For the first time in Sri Lanka Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) - Japan with their local counterpart, Japan Sri Lanka Technical Cultural Association (JASTECA) is offering an unique new ‘major component’ funded scholarship/training programme in Japan on ‘’Corporate Leadership’’ for Sri Lankan professionals and managers.

The scholarship program titled the ‘’Program for Senior Managers aspiring to be Corporate Leaders ’’ (LKLD) is one of JASTECA’s flagship programmes that is ideally suited for Vice Presidents, General Managers and Senior Managers of corporates , who will in future take up leadership roles as CEO’s , Directors and Managing Directors or their respective organizations. A batch of 24 participants will be selected for this program from Sri Lanka and its duration will be from 12th – 25th March 2014. Applications could be collected from JASTECA office at No 4, 22nd Lane, Colombo 03 and should be forwarded before the closing date 06th January.

HIDA - Japan, formerly AOTS is an organization funded by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan and is dedicated to uplifting the standards of human resources in developing and emerging countries. Established in 1959, HIDA’s aim is to promote friendly relations and contribute to the economic growth of developing and emerging nations by conducting training programs that will impart knowledge and skills to participants about well proven and world renowned Japanese management systems. To date, the total number of participants who have received training in Japan through HIDA exceeds 160,000 from 170 countries.

Throughout its existence, which dates back to over two decades of devoted service to the nation, JASTECA has helped to develop well-rounded professionals in various disciplines of management, especially the Japanese style management techniques, which has made the organisation extremely popular among most established corporates, government institutions and SMEs.  JASTECA has facilitated the transfer of Japanese Technology to local industries and has helped to train over 3500 Sri Lankans in Japan on a multitude of management disciplines.

Numerous local organisations and professionals attached to them have benefited enormously from the training in Japan organized by JASTECA / HIDA throughout the years and this LKLD programme offers ideal opportunities for Seniors Mangers to hone their vital leadership skills, whilst learning from the highly successful Japanese professionals.

One of the main objectives of this programme is to enhance essential leadership skills knowledge of participants when functioning as corporate leaders. It is designed to help participants to lead with vision, widen their perspective as leaders and formulate action-plans to improve their own leadership styles. By this programme HIDA aims to educate and assist participants who aspire to become leaders.

The programme which offers a very rich course content to participants and covers diverse areas such leading with vision whilst sharing corporate philosophy ; The role of Leadership, its importance and need; Leadership characteristics and case studies of successful Japanese leaders; Analyzing of leadership styles; identifying strengths and weaknesses; Motivating teams, coaching and cultivating human resources ; Differentiating between Management & Leadership ; Understanding and developing your own leadership style followed company and factory visits.

Finally, based on what they have learned from lectures, discussions and observations, participants formed into smaller groups will be asked to make a presentation based on their learning, observations and possibilities of real life applications on the final day.

Participants will be able to learn under the supervision of highly reputed lecturers in a great environment that will be provided by HIDA, which assures that they will be groomed on management techniques that are characteristic of highly successful Japanese companies.

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