Funds wasted on kidney disease research – GMOA

by Don Asoka Wijewardena

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) General Committee member Dr. Navin de Soyza yesterday accused the government of allocating Rs. 350 million for the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct research on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKD). The GMOA would request Finance Ministry Dr. P. B. Jayasundara to reconsider the decision and use the money for research conducted by the Health Ministry, he said.

Dr. Soyza said that the CDK, once confined to the North-Central Province, had spread to Uva, Sabaragamuwa, North and Wayamba Provinces rapidly. Around 15.5 per cent of people in those provinces were affected, he told a media conference at the GMOA head office yesterday.

Dr. Soyza warned that it was the sole responsibility of the Health Ministry’s Epidemiology unit to conduct research on CKD. Rs. 350 million shouldn’t be spent on unnecessary research, he said.

About 13 patients died of CKD daily in Sri Lanka, the GMOA senior member said.

Dr. Soyza added that the Health Ministry had neither ascertained the root causes of the CKD nor commenced effective treatment procedures to save the lives of kidney patients.

The WHO had recommended some effective procedures to address the issue, but the government was bent on wasting public funds on unsuccessful research, Dr. Soyza said.

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