Opportunity for A/L qualified to become Graduate Chemists

Late applications are now being entertained by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon to enable students who have qualified at the A/L examination to follow at a very low cost and without any delay the Graduate ship Programme in Chemistry offered continuously for the past 36 years at a Special (Honours) Degree level. This programme which has enabled the production of almost 1000 Graduate Chemists for national development was very recently formally accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK for even the award of the higher level Chartered Chemist designation.

Professor J N Oleap Fernando, the Rector of the College of Chemical Sciences, states in  a media release that the next programme which will enable those admitted to pass out before the end of 2017 will be formally inaugurated on January 4 2014 at Adamantane House, 341/22, Kotte Road, Rajagiriya by K R Dayananda, a distinguished alumnus from the very first batch who recently retired as a Senior Research Officer from the Industrial Technology Institute. Dayannda who is presently working as a Consultant to the Silver mill Group was recently elected as a Vice-President of the Institute and will very soon become the first Institute Graduate Chemist to become its President.

All those interested in joining the programme are advised to contact the Institute Headquarters (phone 2861653/2861231) at the above address  (near Rajagiriya Post Office) immediately for more information. They could also visit the website www.ichemc.edu.lk and download application forms free of charge and attend a dedicated orientation session to be held on January 3rd 2014 at 10 am at the same address.

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