Al-Sheik Al Baghdadi visits Sri Lanka

His Holiness Al Haj As Seyed As Sheikh Afeef Uddin Al Gaylani, the 18th Direct Descendent of As Shiekh Abdul Cader Al Gaylani (Ralf) Sultanul Awliya and the Direct Descendent of Holy Prophet Muhammed Sayyidina Rasool (Saw) and the Chairman of Board of Trustees of ‘AL WARISEEN’ Malaysia and Head of Darul Jailani International, has arrived in Sri Lanka on a very short visit to meet his Mureeds, Muffibbeens and well wishes.

His Holiness Sheikh AfeefUddin Al Jailani been conferred the AI IJAZAH AL ILMIYYAH on him, which is one of the prestigious certification for an Islamic Scholar and Teacher in Islamic World.

His Holiness will be participating as the Chief Guest at 211th Anniversary of Mowlood un Nabi (Saw) and Mowlood un Muhiyaddin Abdul Cader al Jaylani (rali) on Friday (Jan 03) at the Galle-Fort. Elaborate arrangements have been made to take His Holiness in procession from Jailani Manzil Galle-Fort to the venue. His Holiness- also will participate in several religious functions and Zikr majlis in Colombo during His short visit. His Holiness Al Haj as Seyed Sheikh AfeefUddin Al Jaylani will pray for peace, unity and prosperity of the country.

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