Drugs: Wellampitiya OIC being grilled by CCD

By Madura Ranwala

Colombo Crime Division is grilling Wellampitiya Officer-in-Charge Bandara Munasinghe on a seven day detention order from the Hulftsdorp magistrate to ascertain how he got drugs and hid them in the almirah in his official house.

Meanwhile his wife, a former Woman Police Constable, was taken into custody yesterday soon after the husband’s arrest and she is being interrogated.

She was arrested following the statement made by her husband to the CCD that she collected drug money amounting to Rs. 150,000 from a go-between in the drug business. Police found in the almirah Rs. 181,000 and 42 grammes of heroin when the OIC was arrested.

Earlier, two suspects including a woman was arrested in the area on drug charges. So far police have arrested five suspects including the OIC and wife, but four were being grilled under detention order. The wife of the OIC had not been produced in court yet as the police were questioning her to find out whether she was involved in the crime.

CCD arrested the OIC after soliciting solid information from the two suspects arrested earlier and verifying their information about how they got the drugs from the go-between for selling in the area, where the OIC was the head of the police station.

The arrested go-between is a close friend of the OIC and he had distributed heroin collected from the OIC, to the suspects arrested earlier, investigations so far conducted had revealed.

Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana, addressing a media briefing yesterday at the Police Headquarters, specially to make public aware of the scandal the police are now faced with, said that the police would not hesitate to prosecute any person behind the racket even politicians.

When a journalist pointed out that the go-between the OIC used was a close friend of an area local government member, the SSP Rohana said that he too would be arrested and prosecuted if substantial evidence against him was found, and added that the police would not arrest a person on hearsay, but on substantial evidence because that person could sue the police for false arrest.

He also said that certain media institutions highlighted certain rackets but the police needed evidence to act.

He also said that the OIC under interrogation had revealed that he did not sell drug but chemical substance which could be mixed with pure heroin. Therefore, the police had to wait until the Government Analyst’s report to get it confirmed though it was found to be heroin in the initial investigation.

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