SriLankan responds to The Island report

Apropos yesterday’s front-page news story ‘UL 503 in double jeopardy in one day’, SriLankan Media Relations Manager, Deepal V. Perera has sent us the following statement: "SriLankan Airlines wishes to  reject and deny  the  content of the article  as the report is misleading the  general public .

In the article, the  writer has cited online comments  made in a website quoting the captain of the flight UL503,  saying  "I am  sorry  for the  unscheduled  descent . I have a serious problem with a hole in the window." This is a complete distortion of facts of the situation that took place during that flight.

SriLankan wishes to stress that at no point of time did our pilot make such a statement on the damaged windshield as mentioned in the article.

SriLankan regrets to note that the writer has failed to highlight the compliments paid by the online readers on how SriLankan pilots managed the situation without an incident. In the said website  there were many comments praising  the crew such as— "crack is a crack" posted by John Dfz saying "the crew  did well to return without further  complications", a comment by Palletto  saying "I didn’t want to question the crew’s decision in the first place, as long as  nobody got hurt, crew did ok", and an  anonymous  comment saying "I would not take that risk and would have  done exactly  the same  as the crew did".

SriLankan wishes to reiterate that the Airline always maintains the highest safety standards the industry requires, and considers the well-being of the passengers its foremost priority, which under no circumstance will be compromised."

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