Useful solution to fish waste

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Ministry has launched a special project to produce compost fertiliser and fish meal from fish waste at the Peliyagoda Fish Market. 

Peliyagoda Fish Market had been producing three tonnes of fish waste per day and around one tonne of fish waste would be used for producing fish meal and another one tonne for compost fertiliser, a ministry official said.

The project estimated to cost Rs. 17 million is being undertaken by Agri Star Compost.  

Sri Lanka imports 125,000 MT of fish meal per year and through this project the ministry aims to produce 30 percent of the country’s fish meal demand.  

Meanwhile, Fisheries Ministry Media Spokesman Narendra Sri Rajapaksa yesterday told The Island that the fish waste was a big problem for the Peliyagoda Municipal Council as it was very hard to find a place to dump the rotting waste.  "We handed over to a private company the removal of fish waste, but again it has become a serious issue as the residents have started to complain about the stench," he said.

The Ministry would also hope to expand this project countrywide and to reduce the fish meal imports and increase the production of compost fertiliser, he added.

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