Marathon operation at National Hospital

Javelin head pierces student’s cheek below left eye


by Madura Ranwala

The injured student, K. H. Gayan Madushan, lying on the trolley after the doctors at the Embilipitiya hospital cut the shaft of the javelin from its head that pierced through the victim’s left cheek.

A 19-year-old student of Panamure Maha Vidyalaya, Embilipitiya whose cheek was pierced by a javelin yesterday morning was operated on by five teams of surgeons at the Colombo National Hospital from yesterday evening.

Director of the Accident Service at the CNH, Dr. Kapila Wickremanayake told The Island last night that the student, K. H. Gayan Madushan had been rushed to the operating theatre by ENT,  OMF, Vascular and General Surgeons to remove the head of the javelin that was four inches long while  Eye and Neuro surgeons were on standby.

He was not in a position to detail the depth of the wound as the operation was in progress and added that the doctors at the Embilipitya Hospital had taken timely measures before transferring the patient to the National hospital as they had cut the shaft of the javelin that had pierced through the student’s cheek below the left eye.

The injured student had been admitted to the national hospital around 2.48 p.m., he said.

The victim of this freak accident had been rushed to Colombo by ambulance under anaesthesia and with the help of a portable ventilator.

According to the police media unit when the tragedy occurred, the victim had been measuring the length of the throws of the students who were practising at the time.

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