UNP: Protest against PM  organised by government


by Zacki Jabbar

The protest held opposite Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne’s office on Flower Road, Colombo 7 on Wednesday, had been organised by certain powerful persons in the government, the UNP alleged yesterday.

National List UNP MP R. Yogarajan told The Island that the Flower Road area leading up to Temple Trees was a high security zone and demonstrations were not permitted in that area, but a group of Buddhist monks had been allowed to protest opposite the Premier’s office demanding that he step down over accusations that he and his son had dealings with drug dealers.

The Police had been looking on while the demonstrators were vowing that they would move out only if the  Prime Minister as an initial step apologised to

them for allegedly insulting their fraternity, Yogarajan noted, adding that unless the monks had the backing of  powerful ruling party politicians, the law enforcement authorities would not have even allowed them to enter Flower Road.

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