Evangelical Alliance to take attacks on fundamental churches to world

By Lal Gunasekera

 The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) are going to lobby the Christian churches throughout the world against the latest attacks that took place on Sunday (12) on an Assembly of God (AoG) Church and Calvary Free Church in Hikkaduwa by mobs. Four to five other Christian churches too was attacked on the same day, including Pitipana in Homagama.

A spokesman for the NCEASL told The Island yesterday (13) that they would take this matter up at the UNHRC in Geneva in March and that the National Christian Council (NCC) comprising Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, AoG, Four Square Gospel Churches were to meet today (14) for a discussion on the issue.

He said that the Hikkaduwa police had given an assurance that the two churches will be provided with protection, but they failed in their duty. The two churches were also threatened during the festive season.

He said that the Religious Affairs Ministry withdrew the circular requesting the two churches to close down, but the latest circular issued three days back states that one cannot have a church, prayer meeting or even display a cross and that legal action is contemplated against his latest circular issued, the NCEASL spokesman added.

Ministry sources said after discussions they withdrew the earlier circular asking the churches to close, but decided to reintroduce it through newspaper advertisements due to pressure from certain organisations.

Meanwhile a police spokesman said that the Hikkaduwa Police are conducting inquiries and no arrests had been made so far. He said that a mob of about 20 to 30 people had attacked the two churches on Sunday (12) causing damage and that the police had not taken any decision to close down the two churches, so far.

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