Patient who filed action against health unions counter sued

Ten trade union of paramedical employees, had filed a counter plaint in the District Court of Colombo, claiming Rs. 200 million damages from a plaintiff patient, who had filed a case in the District Court of Colombo and obtained an Enjoining Order against the token strike these trade unions, scheduled for November 27, 28, 2013.

This counter claim by the paramedics said that the plaint filed by the plaintiff patient, did not come within the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code. Token strikes were permitted by the Trade Unions Act. The purported patient had not remained in the National Hospital even for 18 hours. The plaint was baseless, the counter claim said.

Attorney-at-Law Lilantha de Silva, had filed the counter claim.

Faizer Mustapha P.C., appeared with Ranjan Fonseka for the plaintiff.

The District Judge of Colombo Mr. Pradep Hettiarachchi on January 20, gave the plaintiff, time till March 29, 2014 to object to the counter claim.

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