GMOA urges Lanka to follow Central America and ban agro-chemicals

Chronic kidney disease killing at least dozen Lankans daily

by Don Asoka Wijewardena

With Health Ministers of most Central-American countries banning the use of agro-chemicals in paddy, fruit and vegetable cultivations on the basis of having accepted the research conducted on the root cause of the kidney disease of unknown etiology by a Sri Lankan scientist, the GMOA will push for a similar ban here. 

 Government Medical Officers’ Association President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya told The Island that the root cause of the mystery chronic kidney disease was excessive use of agro-chemicals. It was confirmed by Sri Lanka born Consultant Dr. Sarath Gunathilaka who was attached to the United States  Health Science (occupational health department).

He pointed out that the GMOA would be meeting the Health Minister next week to request him to get the Cabinet approval to ban all kinds of agro-chemicals which had been flooding into the country. Senior lecturer in Chemistry at the Rajarata University Dr. Channa Jayasumana’s comprehensive research had scientifically proved that due to excessive use of agro-chemicals the drinking water sources had been contaminated and people were developing kidney problems in alarming proportions all over the country as a result of consuming such agro-chemical tainted water.

 Dr. Padeniya said that Dr. Gunathilaka who was an American Board certified consultant physician in USA had scientifically studied the research conducted by Dr. Jayasumana and had concurred with latter’s findings. He had also published the findings of the research internationally. As a result Health Ministers of some Middle- American countries had taken immediate action to ban the use of agrochemicals in cultivations.

When The Island  asked Dr. Jayasumana why the disease was particularly severe in  certain parts of the country, he said that when agro-chemicals contaminated naturally hard water as found in the North Central Province it tended to make that water far more toxic.

 Sri Lanka should take action to ban agro-chemicals before agro-chemicals caused widespread devastation. The GMOA also appreciated the action taken by Defense Secretary Ghotabaya Rajapaksa to ban the use of certain agro-chemicals in cultivations. The time had come to prevent the development of kidney disease which had been killing around 13 persons a day in the country, the GMOA President said. 

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