SJGH on The Island report

Apropos our front-page news items, More irregularities at Sri J’pura hospital (Oct. 15, 2010) and Now, Inland Revenue swoops on SJH docs (Oct. 18. 2010), N. W. Wijewantha, Chairman of Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital has sent us the following clarification:

"In this connection, I must make it very clear that private practice at SJGH was allowed right from the inception of this hospital in 1981 and consultants were allowed to make their own fee by the Board of the SJGH.

Consultants are paid by the patients and not by the hospital. The payment of fee is a contract between consultants and the patients like in any other private hospital. The private practice in this hospital by the consultants is performed in the private wards of the hospital outside normal working hours, before 8.00 am and after 4.00 pm. In this connection to clarify further, in the normal wards patients pay hospital charges but consultants do not levy charges from these patients."

Professional fees are collected by the Accountant and the withholding tax is deducted and remitted to Inland Revenue Department after payment to Consultants. Therefore the entire professional income is automatically declared to Inland Revenue."

News Editor’s note: Our first news item was based on a letter by the Auditor General’s Department to the SJGH and the second one on information from the Inland Revenue Department, which has launched a probe an investigation into the payments at issue.

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