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This is with reference to Mr.Jehan Perera’s article under the above title in your newspaper last Tuesday (11th Feb.2014), on p.10. Time and again in that article he refers to the so-called "international community". As I myself have stated many a time in my past essays published in The Island newspaper, the all-important question today is to know who consists of this "international community". This is nothing but a self-coined term created by the West (of course, with the able support of the Western mass media) to refer to themselves. Going by the international political events during the past two decades, such as the Western unlawful invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the similar unlawful "regime changes" as arbitrarily wished by the same West in sovereign countries such as Libya and Egypt, this term surely does not refer to the United Nations. It is strange how our own local media and self-appointed experts themselves use this term without ever seriously considering the contents of that term. That term is nothing but a facade for the Western nations to do what they wish and claim legitimacy for such unlawful and immoral acts as we have been witnessing since the 1990’s.

Besides the above basic blunder with regard to that article’s key terminology, I also wish to comment on two important points of that article:

1) Mr. Perera sounds very eloquent when he says: "The issue is not so much about how well the government has been caring for these war-affected people and engaging in political reform, which is what the LLRC is mostly about. The issue is whether war crimes took place or not, and whether the government has carried out an independent and credible investigation into them". I beg to disagree! The real issue is not any of those that Mr.Perera mentions, but whether an international investigation is needed to probe the above-mentioned allegations, because this was exclusively an internal affair of a sovereign nation. That too, a ‘war’ waged against a notorious terrorist organsation, which the same West (whom the writer prefers to call "international community") had branded as such, i.e., "a terrorist organisation" (the FBI in the USA even going to the extent of calling the LTTE "the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world"). So, the real if not the fundamental issue is whether the Sri Lankan government had a right to defend its citizens or not. Of course, in doing so, whether the same government went beyond accepted humanitarian limits is a consequence of it. Perhaps, it is here that the Sri Lankan government has left its Achilles’ heel exposed (and thus, also the entire nation’s future at risk) by doing very little to engage itself in a credible local investigation. But this in no way justifies any call for an international inquiry and that too, by those who live in glass houses. Could Mr.Perera name one single Western country (any member of his so-called "international community) that had been taken before an international tribunal for their respective fights against the terrorist organisations, such as Al Qaida?

2) Mr. Perera as well as many other commentators today seem to forget that the TNA was proxy to the LTTE for nearly a decade. As such, since the LTTE is no longer in existence, it is the TNA that should be held responsible for the terrible atrocities committed by the LTTE because they were accomplices to all those crimes. If the government is to be held responsible for the alleged ‘war crimes’, then for far worse terrorist crimes of the LTTE, the TNA should be held responsible by any "intenational community"!

Last but not least, Mr.Perera winds up by making an ex cathedra statement: "Such a ‘LLRC Plus’ is the way forward, in which the government, TNA and international community can work together as partners. This is the only viable option open to Sri Lanka". This is laughable simply because it is the same Mr.Perera who not long ago, went round making similar dogmatic statements (even in written form!) that the LTTE can never be defeated militarily, and the only option for the Sri Lankan government was to work together with the LTTE! No wonder that they say, "history repeats"!

Fr.Vimal Tirimanna, CSsR


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