Dead intelligence OIC’s wife suspects foul play

By Pradeep Samarakoon and Madura Ranwala

Assistant Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) of Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Dr. H. K. R. Sanjeewa, who conducted the postmortem yesterday into the death of Police Inspector Milton Samarakoon, whose body was found in a Godagama paddy field with gunshot injuries, has given an open verdict.

It has been revealed that the deceased had been drunk at the time of the death as certain percentage of alcohol had been in his body, spokesman for JMO’s office told The Island. 

The officer’s service pistol found near his body, an empty bullet casing, the clothes he wore last and food found in the stomach after the last meal have been sent to the Government Analyst for report.

The bullet that had entered over the right ear had pierced through the head and come out from above the left ear.

However, the wife of the dead Police Inspector in charge of the Mount Lavinia Intelligence unit, Maheshika Pieris told The Island yesterday that she suspected foul play over the death of her husband as he hadn’t had any dispute with her or a family matter to kill himself.

When she came to Colombo South Teaching Hospital (CSTH), Kalubowila to give evidence at the inquest, she said, "My husband did not have a problem of such a magnitude as to kill himself. I have suspicions about his death."

The body with gunshot injuries was found in a paddy field at Godagama, in the Athurugiriya police area.

She added: "My husband and I did not have any dispute between us. On February 15, he drank a cup of tea in the morning and left home saying that he was going to work. As he did not come back home in the night, I phoned him that night but the phone did not respond. So, I called one of his colleagues at the police station and one of his friends told me that he had come to work. On February 16, I was informed by the police station that his body had been found in a paddyfield at Godagama. He looked after my children and me well. I do not know whether he had enemies."

The son of the deceased said: "Our father loved me and my sister dearly. He worked hard to educate both of us. I’m studying for the advanced level. He looked after all our needs. I phoned him on several occasions when he went to work on that day. My father never answered my calls in the night."

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