Enthusiasts express shock over improper postponement of SLSAA AGM

by Reemus Fernando

Enthusiasts expressed shock over the postponement of the Annual General Meeting and the election of new office bearers to the Sri Lanka Schools Athletics Association despite the presence of Education Ministry appointed observers to oversee the proceedings of the AGM at Isurupaya yesterday.

The officials of the SLSAA had requested the presence of Education Ministry appointed observers to oversee the functioning of the AGM after being informed that an interested party was trying to disrupt the proceedings of the AGM.

"Members had come in numbers for the AGM. Everything was going on smoothly. The minutes were passed but the election of office bearers could not take place after the secretary of the Ministry intervened to postpone it. We came to know that a former secretary of the SLSAA had alleged that some members had not been allowed to enter the AGM. That led to this cancelation," an official who had come from an outstation school told The Island yesterday.

An informed source said that an individual with strong political connections had misguided some school officials who had no membership to come for the election.

"Only the schools who take part in the SLSAA conducted John Tarbet Athletics Championships have the membership to participate at the AGM. An individual with vested interests had telephoned and invited some school officials who had no membership to take part in the AGM. But they could not be permitted in as they were not members. The SLSAA top officials invited observers from the Education Ministry after being informed of the attempts by various parties to disrupt the proceedings. But despite the presence of three observers the secretary of the Ministry postponed the proceedings," an official who was present at the AGM told The Island.

"What is shocking here is why the Secretary of the Ministry could not consult the observers he himself appointed to oversee the proceedings before canceling the AGM," a disgusted official from an outstation school said.

Our attempt to contact the secretary of the Education Ministry found futile yesterday.

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