Over 7,000 arrested in narcotics raids

by Hemahta Randunu

The Police, in the recent raids conducted on drug dens and drug dealers, have arrested 7,098 persons during the period 13-25 October.

Police sources said until the drug menace is completely eradicated, from the country, raids will continue. Special Units were established in all police stations to conduct raids and a country wide campaign was launched on October 13.

The number of raids conducted during this period was 7,046. Over eight tonnes of dangerous drugs have been seized, the police said.

The seized narcotics included two kilos of heroin, 6,000 Kgs of ganja (cannabis), 41 Kgs of Babul and 1,331 of Madana Modakaya.

Of the raids conducted 1,790 were on heroin dens and distribution points and 4,283 were in connection with the sale and consumption of ganja.

There were 294 raids conducted on places where babul was sold, 406 where Madana Modakaya was on sale, three on opium and 54 on other dangerous drugs.

Police Chief Mahinda Balasuriya said that he is personally supervising and directing the raids.

Balasuriya warned that stern action would be taken against any Policeman who fails to conduct the raids successfully.

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