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Growing global consensus on terrorism, hybrid threats and national security

On Easter Sunday this year, Sri Lankan people came face to face with international terrorism for the first time. At several international security conferences held in the Russian Federation over the last three months, the theme of international terrorism forming a part of ‘hybrid threats’ was discussed at length, with solutions yet to be found. Many countries attending were seriously concerned about several new forms of security threats which in combination were defined as Hybrid Threats; threats that use military and non-military methods, including radicalization through social media, cyber attacks, fake news, so-called Color revolutions, external efforts at regime change and terrorism.Read More...

The Sri Lankan village immortalized


It is doubtful whether any academic studies of rural Sri Lanka, focusing on the early and middle decades of the 20th century, could measure up to 'A Decade in the Village', from the viewpoint of realistic and true-to-life depiction. The resourcefu...

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