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Can president Sirisena save SLFP-MS?


"… A specialist brought down from the US Treasury, said Wickremesinghe, introduced the Government to this system. "We had to go ahead with macroeconomic liberalization to get integrated into the global economy," he said. Agreements with IMF and other documents were furnished by the Premier to the Commission to show the economic policy of the Government".

(‘Ranil Resolute Before Bond Commission’- Daily FT, Nov 21st 2017)

Will the Local Government election prove to be the "great fall" of the Humpty-Dumpty coalition or will all the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men be able to put Yahapalana Humpty together again?


You Sir! No Sir, Not I Sir, Who Then Sir?

The nation waited with bated breath as the PM, in his capacity as Minister in charge of the Central Bank, was called before the Bond Commission.

The people of Sri Lanka had seen the ferocious efficiency with which the inquiry was conducted by...

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