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Government’s women’s quota a total success


The numbers are out. The new Local Authorities system designed to have 25% women is a resounding success.

The Local Authorities Elections Ordinance required nominations to be on two lists – List 1 for the Wards, consisting of 60% of the seats of a local authority, and List 2 for the old Proportional Representation (PR) system making up the remaining 40%.Ten percent of the ward nominations had to be of women and 50% of the whole should have been of women.

After some complex computations and neglecting some nominal numbers like overhang, the 10% women from the 60% ward-seats would have returned 6% seats for women out of the whole (if the nominees were as good as the men). And 50% seats for women out of the 40% PR seats would have yielded 20% women representatives – that is 25% women if the selections for PR seats is done justly by the political parties nominating members.

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