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Is moonshine the real menace?


The reduction in the prices of beer and allowing it to be sold more widely has exposed the double standards that are prevalent in our system of governance. It has also exposed individuals and institutions. The alcohol industry is after profit. As we all know, profits can be increased by increasing the margins as well as sales. Therefore, there is no doubt that these proposals will benefit the alcohol industry immensely. To an industry, profitability is its prime objective, regardless of the immense suffering such profits will cause women, children and the population as a whole.

However, there are institutions and systems in place to protect us, funded by us the public, which should be held responsible for harming us by allowing such industries a free reign. These institutions and individuals within them have fallen woefully short in this instance by either omission or commission.


No parliamentary privileges for improper conduct


Much criticism has been heard since the publication of details of telephone conversations between COPE members and one-time Perpetual Treasuries Ltd owner Arjun Aloysius were publicized during Bond commission hearing.

Charges, counter-charg...

I had a nightmare!


The other day I woke up in the morning gasping for breath and with a splitting headache that was threatening to tear my head apart. And my head was throbbing so painfully, I could almost hear it.

This was all because of this nightmarish drea...

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