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Chinese cigarette licence: Digging our own grave


The one cardinal rule that should be followed when one is in a hole, is to stop digging. The government of Sri Lanka does not seem to follow this simple rule in many fronts.It seems a firm decision has be made by the Minister of Finance to grant a license to import Chinese cigarettes into Sri Lanka, in sympathy of Chinese nationals in Sri Lanka.

The two questions that the majority of people have, does not seem to have occurred to the high-flown policy makers of the Ministry of Finance:Read More...

Pensioners badly hit


Senior Sri Lankan citizens living abroad used to be paid their pensions through their embassies. Since November 2018, this payment system has been stopped and a new payment system established.At present pension payments are made to a special bank acc...

Diamond Jubilee of University of Kelaniya


The University of Kelaniya has come a long way since its inception in 1959. The expansion and development in respect of its academic sphere has been outstanding, starting from very humble beginnings. The expansion of the infrastructure within sixty yea...

MR on death of malnourished child


It was so amusing to see the above news items appeared in The Island of 24th June 2019. I thought I should air my views too.There are so many children in the poor families in Sri Lanka. Because they bring up children more than they can afford, their ...

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