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As a Sri Lankan, I feel happy to be in Bangladesh on the UNESCO Mother Language Day for two simple reasons. Firstly, I belong to the ethnic group known as the Sinhalese who trace their origins to your land which was then called ‘Vanga’. ‘Vanga’ is the name used in Pali chronicles written in the fifth century ACE.

The Sinhalese call themselves ‘Sinhala’ because they believe that they descend from a prince named Vijaya who was the grandson of a lion, sinha, who roamed the jungles of Vanga. Hence the symbol of the lion in our national flag.

Vanga has been identified as the land that covers the modern state of West Bengal and modern Bangladesh. In the distant past, Vanga was not a part of Bharat (India). It was an independent kingdom which was not included among the 16 maha-janapadas (great states) mentioned in Buddhist literature. I have a feeling that Bengal was made a part and parcel of India by the East India Company of England in the mid-18th century.


‘Selfie’ virus that invaded healthy body of art of photography’ - II


This is the English translation of a lecture delivered by Chief Guest Desmond Mallikarchchi, former professor of philosophy, University of Peradeniya at the Photography Diploma Convocation of the batch 7th of the University of Kelaniya at the Social...

Education - some thoughts


Education and Health are two subjects that do (and should) concern everybody. It cannot be left only to specialists because even those with some interest may have views worthy of exchange. It is in this spirit that I wish to exchange a few views wit...

Bid to bring in New Constitution in the balance


Yahapalana leaders as well as those who had furiously campaigned to thwart war-winning president Mahinda Rajapaksa securing a third term at the Jan. 2015 presidential polls, attributed the humiliating defeat suffered by the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe c...

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