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Creating a non partisan presidency

There were many reports last week that the ruling party, UNP, will contest the next presidential election in a major alliance based on national security, democracy and the economy. The UNP General Secretary stated that an agreement will be signed with the partner parties on the 5th of August. This will be in preparation for the upcoming presidential election. The UNP has also made it clear that no one has still been picked to be the leader and this will not happen on August 5. One of the reports was that the candidate to be fielded for the presidential election would be made the leader of the new alliance. In other words, if this is to happen those who wish to be the presidential candidate would need to be willing to give up their party membership to take on the leadership of the new alliance.Read More...

Future of Kandy’s old Bogambara prison: Conservation or modernization?


The British established the Kandy Bogambara prison in 1876. It was moved to Pallekelle, about 10km. to the east of the city, in 2014. Now an intense debate has arisen that involves, among others, the venerable Mahanayakas of the Malwatta and Asgiriya C...



Way back, in 1965, a new chapter in Sri Lankan music came into being. It was called Sinhala Pop and the creator of this new music was the legendary Clarence Wijewardana.The late Clarence revolutionised Sinhala music, with meaningful lyrics and soulf...

Sandra’s tribute night


All proceeds from the tribute concert for Sandra Jackson, totalling Australian dollars 22,000, were donated to The Alfred Hospital, in Melbourne, to fund research into Pulmonary Fibrosis.‘Sandra Jackson Tribute Night’ was held on Saturday...

Moon and Humans: Fiftieth Anniversary of Moon Landing


On 16th July 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Eldrin Buzz and Michael Collins, lifted off from the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida to begin their epoch-making journey to moon. Three days later , they orbited moon and Armstrong and Eld...

Seen 'N' Heard

HEARD… it didn’t turn out to be the best of happenings in the local music scene.Yes, it was a full house, but not all enjoyed the music that was dished out.Except for a few, the rest didn’t create that kind of an impression.

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