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Abolishing Executive Presidency Is Not A Viable Electoral Strategy

For the past month the issue of who will be the presidential candidate of the ruling UNP has been dividing the party and diverting attention away from its needs to develop an election manifesto that is owned by the party as a whole, and not by a faction. There are two main factions, one backing the Prime Minister and party leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, the other backing its deputy leader and Housing Minister Sajith Premadasa. They have different strengths and support bases. Due to the difficulty that the party leadership is having in selecting one over the other there is an attempt being made to seek the abolition of the executive presidency either before or soon after the presidential elections which are due by December this year.Read More...

From Colonial Kachcheri To Museum


The recent newsitem of a foreign ambassador "opening" a new museum took my ageing memory back to 1955 when I was a novice District Land Officer and stepped into this colonial wood framed building  housimg the Anuradhapura Kachcheri,...

People feel cheated


"The earth has its boundaries but human stupidity is infinite," says Gustave Flaubert, quoted in this month’s Reader’s Digest. We have got used to the infinite stupidity of some of our Ministers, but what we can’t forgive is ...

‘Shallow’ start at charity event


I write to thank you for the excellent review of Desmond de Silva’s concert, held on August 31st, at the BMICH.I was there with my family and we enjoyed every second of the legendary singer’s performance.

Japan Remembers JRJ


On September 8, Hokkaido Shimbun, a regional newspaper in Japan, carried a front page article about the signing of the Treaty of San Francisco exactly 68 years ago. Even that brief article mentioned the influential role played by Mr. J.R. Jayewardene a...

Seen 'N' Heard

HEARD… knowledgeable sources comment that some of our singers, the females, especially, believe they have the talent to handle anything, where song choice is concerned.

Blazing scene at...


Yes we did make a big sound, early this month (Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019), about the BLAZE band, led by Robin Mendis, based in Canada.And, now Robin tells us that they are all set for action…come November 2nd, at a prestigious dinner dance...

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