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No confidence


The Prime Minister is facing two motions of no-confidence, not just the one. One is formal the other informal but no less real. Each one deals with one of the two aspects that go to constitute the PM’s public life. The two motions of no-confidence, the first de jure and the second de facto, are the motion that will manifest itself in Parliament, and the other, the mounting and increasingly public dissent within the UNP, which is rising up from below.

The no-confidence motion pertains to Mr. Wickremesinghe’s conduct in Government. Whether or not it secures the requisite numbers, the very move means that his Prime Ministership is leaking lifeblood because the signatories and probable voters include members of his Cabinet. To be sure these are members of his coalition partner the SLFP. But that’s cold comfort.


Sri Lanka’s critical care speciality evolution is stuck in an outdated mode


Medical specialties evolve for the benefit of patients. It resolves the demand and enhances clinical effectiveness. We are duty bound to support this evolutionand create specialist services to serve the need. Quality healthcare is based on this concept...

Communal disharmony or failed security policy?

Could the recent violence in Digana, Ampara and earlier in Gintota be described as systemic incidents of communal disharmony or a failure in security policy to prevent violence? Judging from some headlines such as - the nation is burning in the fires o...

‘The sky is falling’- and what we can do about it!


It is a fact the global Oxygen concentration is falling. The two graphs, one from the US and the other from Australia demonstrate that the loss is global. The only process that can contribute to atmospheric Oxygen is photosynthesis by leaves of plan...

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