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Right to information on rainfall and food supply


Sri Lanka’s agriculture is almost exclusively rain dependent. Unlike in India , there is no thawing snow to feed the rivers or large volumes of ground water, except in Jaffna, to provide irrigation water. This makes rainfall a very important factor in Sri Lankan agriculture. What we normally call irrigation water too is rain derived.

In an average year by this time, the Maha rains have tapered off, the water reservoirs and the rivers are full or near full and the rice fields are in crop and approaching maturity. But this Maha season has been different. The rain was far below average. The reservoirs are only one third full, rivers are in below average flow and only a third of rice fields have been cropped. The situation is serious.


The 58 preconditions to obtain GSP+


The government has been ecstatic at being granted GSP+ again by the European Commission. It hasn’t however revealed the conditions it has agreed to in order to get this trade concession. In this context, two documents are of interest to us. The f...

Government needs to take on the challenge of the consultation task force report


The disquiet about the government’s commitment to deliver on its promises is now extending itself to those sections of the international community that gave their support to the government on the basis of its commitment to human rights and reconc...

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