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The British Bombshell


For once, a nation has stood for its pride and honour defying bullying pundits and politicians. It said enough is enough; the worm has turned; on June 23, United Kingdom voted to get out of the European Union, rather unexpectedly, dropping a bombshell on world markets. If as some ill-informed critics claim, it is the end of Great Britain and the beginning of a Little England, then why should markets around the globe worry? True, having once being the largest empire the world has ever seen, Britain is a shadow of what it oncewas but, still, it is a force to reckon with, being the fifth largest economy in the world and has always batted far beyond its’ size.

Like all empires, the British Empire also would have come to an end but the decline was hastened by a war it fought to end the Nazi terror. At the end of the Second World War, it was bankrupt but still went ahead with far reaching social changes like the introduction of the National Health Service which, in spite of the problems it faces at the moment, is the envy of the world. Belated American support, no doubt, helped end the war but UK, in the process, got indebted to USA and the final instalment of that debt was paid during Tony Blair’s time.


Animal con artists


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