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Community divisions continue to dominate Sri Lanka’s political debate

The strident opposition to the government’s constitutional reform process highlights the regrettable fact that the country’s ethnic divide continues to be serious. The opposition is claiming that the Constitutional Assembly’s Steering Committee report is a formula to divide the country to accommodate sections of the international community. Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa has urged the government to abandon what he described as ‘the destructive proposal’ for a new constitution. According to him, "It has been proposed that the Sinhala word ‘ekeeya’ be retained in the Sinhala version of the proposed new constitution, while the English word ‘unitary’ will be dropped from the English version together with the conceptual framework it denotes. Thus the local population will be under the impression that Sri Lanka still remains a unitary state, but in the eyes of the international community, we will be considered a country that has relinquished unitary status."Read More...

Bees, Honey and a neglected resource


Honey bees are among the most fascinating of creatures. Not surprisingly, thousands of books and articles have been written about them. Their social organization, their " caste system", swarming habits, unique genetics, navigation and communi...

Oops...what's up Mr.Ranabahu!


Is it exhaustion, stress, or too much of everything! Whatever, bassist Benjamin (Benjy) Ranabahu, of Mirage fame, found himself spending a night in hospital!

It happened in a flash that Benjy himself is unaware of what actual took place.


Unitary state and state protection for Buddhism


President’s Counsel Jayampathi Wickramaratne and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have stated that the new Constitution will be formulated with unitary status of Sri Lanka and the foremost place for Buddhism being retained. President Maithripa...

Jennifer Lopez – live in Dubai


Opportunities seem to be coming our way to see top international acts in action – not in Colombo, though! But…the happenings are within our reach.

Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to do her thing at the Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai, on F...

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