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A Remedy for Despair


Most of us live in the cramped cold cages of our private projects, frantically struggling to stake out our own little comfortable place in the sun. Driven in circles by anxious yearnings and beckoning desires, we rarely ever glance aside to see how our neighbor is faring, and when we do it is usually only to assure ourselves that he is not trying to encroach upon our own domain or to find some means by which we might extend our dominion over his.

Occasionally, however, it somehow happens that we manage to detach ourselves from our obsessive pursuits long enough to arrive at a wider clearing. Here our focus of concern undergoes a remarkable shift. Lifted above our habitual fixation on myopic goals, we are brought to realize that we share our journey from birth to death with countless other beings who, like ourselves, are each intent on a quest for the good.


Dilemmas multiply for a COVID-19 scarred world


The IMF has done well to select the least developed countries for some preferential treatment at this juncture on the question of debt repayments but it opens itself to the charge of veering from objective criteria in its treatment of crisis-scarred Venez...

Opinion: Exercise can be good for you and your country especially during a crisis like COVID-19


Public parks have been gated shut, beaches emptied and stadia deserted, as an unprecedented 2.5 billion people across the world are told to sit at home.

An epidemic time bomb


We select one disease to be mortally afraid of – and ignore all the diseases that we should be scared of.

One of these is bovine tuberculosis.

Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a disease of cattle that is a major pub...

Government’s responsibility to sustain the people in time of Covid lockdown


The battle against the COVID virus is becoming more protracted and requiring of greater sacrifice than originally envisaged. This is leading to correspondingly increasing tensions in society, especially in the hotspot districts including Colombo,...

The Eleventh Commandment  

I took a walk the other day. There were some signs of life. Clothes had been left to dry on the bushes and somewhere a radio played plaintive music. All else was shut in. Life hidden to save life.

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