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Striving to become a ‘democracy’


The Economist’s "Intelligence unit Democracy Index" ( which provides a snapshot of the state of democracy globally has ranked Norway in the top of the list as a "full democracy" while Sri Lanka is ranked as a "Flawed democracy" towards the bottom of the rankings though Sri Lanka defines itself a "Democratic Socialist Republic".

Several factors are said to be considered in giving these rankings. What is striking though is that features in the Constitutions of Countries have been conveniently omitted and all factors taken into account are highly subjective. In this scenario analyzing some of the salient features of the top ranked "full democracy" Norwegian Constitution, makes interesting reading.


'Well-thought through cartoon is universally relatable' – Ruwan Tharaswin


The quiet, barely there figure from our sister newspaper has a an uncommon name, even for a cartoonist. For one, is 'Tharaswin' even a real name? "Yes, it's Sanskrit for 'fast' or 'wind'. It is also Lord Vishnu's vehicle 'Garuda'," ...

International pressure continues to be important for Geneva commitments


In March this year Sri Lanka will report back to the UN Human Rights Council on its implementation of Resolution No 30/1 which it co-sponsored in October 2015. This is not going to be an easy session for the country as there is a considerable amount of...

Bigger roar from Mirage ...this year!


They have always been a very versatile group but, unfortunately, last year, Mirage seem to have lost some power – and, that was mainly because the guy, who make things happen, on stage, was missing in action.

Bassist Benjamin (Benjy) Ran...

Seen 'N' Heard

HEARD… she didn’t do it quite right, on the night that mattered, and this is likely to cost her, and her band, their regular playing dates.

Cost-cutting is what she had in mind, and she went to the extent of hiring sound, not su...

The end of the Antarctic ice cap in sight? – Part I


The thick ice cap above the Antarctic continent will not disappear in our life time. It will continue to glisten disarmingly in the summer sun, its soft outlines concealing its unforgiving ferocity. But if we do nothing, it will disappear, over time. S...

Activists pushing for long overdue enactment of Animal Welfare Bill


With the recent strings horrific acts of violence towards animals, a huge cry for the enactment of the newly revised Animal Welfare Bill spread like wildfire. The Bill was initiated by the Law Commission in 2002 to repeat the country’s archaic an...

Memorable birthday bash


For Sri Lanka Andrea Marr, who is now based in Australia, January 13th, 2019, turned out to be a memorable day in her life.

Yes, it was her birthday but the celebrations were two-fold. It also turned out to be a sendoff party, at the West ...

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