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Govt. is exacting revenge on us for opposing ETCA and SAITM – GMOA

Wrangle over placements for doctors’ children in elite schools:


In this interview, Dr. Nalinda Herath Secretary of the GMOA speaks to The Island staffer C. A. Chandraprema about their ongoing spat with the education ministry over the admission of doctor’s children to state-run schools. The GMOA is to meet President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday to place their grievances before him.

Q. The minister of education has made a statement in Parliament to the effect that the GMOA has been demanding that their children be admitted only to the best schools in the country and is seeking admission for 168 students to intermediate grades in these elite schools this year. What is the GMOA’s response to that allegation?


Inter-ethnic goodwill must be built upon


Sri Lanka has entered into a period of conflict transformation. The theory of conflict transformation states that conflict changes the parties, their relationships and issues over time. There is a new relationship and the issues at hand can be addresse...

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