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The last chance for a President’s Decency!


Those of us who have grown up under the so called "western influence" have watched (and I mean simply watched) in shock and horror as our country has slid down a slope of lawlessness, non-ethical behaviour, open bribe taking and corruption to the very brink of anarchy. It is actually debatable if we have even had a couple of brief excursions into anarchy…

We have done nothing. A segment of Colombo 7 society has made a few feeble attempts just recently but dispassionate analysis will make it clear, it has had little real influence.Read More...

No Pearl without Oyster irritation

In democracies, the resolution of a political crisis is harder to come by sooner, as it demands consensus of all stakeholders, which is equally hard. In a similar volatile political situation lasting fifty days since 26 October, we Sri Lankans, as a de...

An agenda for Ranil Wickremesinghe’s fifth Term as Prime Minister


It is unlikely that any Sri Lankan politician anytime soon, would beat the record of the UNP’s long-time leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, who last Sunday was sworn in for his fifth term of office as Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka.

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