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MR must learn from past mistakes


Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa is undoubtedly the most popular political leader at present, and therefore has the potential of coming back to power. If people want him back in power it cannot be stopped and it should not be stopped. Let the people decide. It should not be decided by the US, China, India or any other external agent. The fact that he had been the president twice should not be a valid reason to deny the people their wish. People are concerned about what has been going on under the present regime. Economy has declined as never before, taxes are high and cost of living is climbing, corruption is rampant, foreign interference has become a threat to our sovereignty and the people can sense the perilous situation the country is in.

They cannot help comparing the previous government and the present and see that they were better off under the former. They cannot have any hope the present government could make amends and get the country out of the mess.Read More...

Why do voters prefer corrupt candidates?


In the Sunday Times of 20th May is a timely and thought provoking article by an Indian journalist Soutik Biswas, titled, ‘Why do Indians vote for Criminal Politicians’? This is based on a research study by political scientist Milan Vaishnav...

The Chinese debacle


Did you know the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka has stopped issuing transit visas to Sri Lankans for Hong Kong? I bet the Chinese officials would spring up to deny this and say yes, they DO! But actually, they don’t. It is done in such a sly way, t...

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