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Cabinet Size and a seblance of rationality

What a refreshing change to observe that at long last there is a debate on portfolio distribution of the Ministries. There seems to be a consensus that it be based on at least a few scientific principles to achieve a modicum of efficiency and parsimony. Dr Lloyd Fernando's article (Island 18/4) just shows what can be saved in terms of human and financial resources if only the politicians have the nerve to implement changes in the name of rationality and common sense. Knowing the kind of politicians we have, undue optimism is premature for no one should be surprised if rationality and scientific sense are sacrificed for expediency and petty politicking. Given the dire straits that the current rulers are in it seems unlikely that major principled changes are contemplated at this stage. It is unheard for turkeys to call for an early Christmas.Read More...

The curse of crooked politicians


The editorials in the daily Island are spot-on, candid and unafraid to deal with political gimmicks and politicians who become too big for their boots (to put it mildly).

On Wednesday 18 April, the editorial titled ‘Justitia kneed&rsqu...

Governance priorities: Who is there to mind the store?


The assessment of the Coalition Government’s performance since its formation on 8 January 2015, falls into two groups, indicating that opinion is sharply divided. One group subscribes to the view that hardly anything of value has been accomplishe...

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