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President to Lord Naseby: Curious Delay


Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka’s article in The Island features Column of Wednesday 13Th December 2017 is a real eye-opener about the way the government of Sri Lanka has responded to the situation arising from Lord Naseby’s statement in the British Parliament over an affair which concerns Sri Lanka. She points out that the letter had taken 12 days, or rather 7 days if the five intervening holidays/weekends were not counted, to reach the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London, who was requested to deliver it to Lord Naseby.

Sanja asks why such an important communication from the Head of State should take as long as seven days to reach the point of final delivery. More importantly, she asks why so much secrecy was observed by the Foreign Secretary who enclosed the letter in a confidential-marked covering letter addressed to the High Commissioner, asking her to handle the President’s letter herself.


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