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Meethotamulla: Contempt of the Supreme Court?


Much has been written on the foreseen disaster which could have been averted easily and was a manmade disaster by the authorities of CMC, by their sheer neglect by piling tonnes & tonnes of rubbish of Colombo on the hapless Meethotamulla residents, in spite of their continuous protests not do so. What use is it of having the so called Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, UNHRC of the World body, and so called NGOs shedding crocodile tears on dogs’ rights and elephant rights, but not the human rights of the Meethotamulla residents inspire of their pleadings?

Moreover, there is a Ministry for Disaster Management but unfortunately it has no foresight or action plan for mitigation of disasters, and is ever blind to even the man made disasters happening daily next door to it, let alone natural disasters. Anybody with a little knowledge of microbiology knows that dumping & piling rubbish in wet zone marshy areas will lead to accumulation of such dumps and not to their degradation, leading to emanation of green house gases and explosions, due to spontaneous ignition of methane, which could even mimic earthquakes. Large scale landfills and composting should be done only in dry and arid zones of the country, and not elsewhere. Why was this principle in basic science ignored? What was the reason for apathy and neglect by the CEA to monitor such dumps and advice the authorities for migratory action?


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