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A precious birthright that belongs to the people of Sri Lanka


One is horrified by the recent statements by politicians, of coming events. Such as the handing over of the Trincomalee Port to the Indians who have never been our friends, India looks after her own interest first, even in the extraction of the smallest pound of flesh. We cannot blame her; our leaders should be doing the same.

India and RAW have surreptitiously entered Sri Lanka and have spread themselves extensively in the West and South of the country, with the warm support of our leadership, through the Indian Trojan Horse "Ambulance Programme": A service that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces could have easily accomplished as a peacetime effort, without giving any official access to a scheming hostile force.

Also, giving the Port, Airport and vast acres of land to the Chinese to develop a mega industrial estate or estates, in the Hambantota region. Even though the Chinese have been our friends historically, for the longest period of time, a free hand to develop industry, unless carefully monitored, could also encourage and facilitate pollution industries to ingress into the landscape. A great threat to the environment and unique wildlife habitat.

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