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Eliminating dengue menace – the DDT approach


Dr. K. Rajendra, writing to the Sunday Island, 26th March, makes some very important points on how to detect and deal with Dengue fever. I wish to engage on one of his comments and state how Dengue can in fact be completely eliminated rapidly, and in an environmentally safe and inexpensive manner.


It’s time parliament became a truly honourable assembly


I have enjoyed reading Parliamentary debates from my Peradeniya days. Leather bound copies of Hansard from the Legislative Council days were available in the University Library. The excellence of language and the standard of debate were even superio...

Scientific proof of Mindful Meditation


With reference to Dr. Upul Wijayawardhana’s excellent article under the above title published in the Sat Mag of The Island on 25.03.2017, it must be said that readers would be grateful for literature on the subject he has surveyed and quoted i...

Need for harmony

Hedonism, greed, competition and conflict can only trigger violence to spell a complete doom for any system. Even a machine cannot work if its parts are not in harmony with one another and if there is competition among them.

A few days ago, I...

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