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Noise pollution and enforcement of environmental laws


"The Island" report on 08 April, under the heading "Country looks chaotic due to non-enforcement of environmental laws", highlighted the state of enforcement of environmental laws by our environmental law enforcement agencies against noise polluters.

As reported, a senior government official has told "The Island" that despite there being laws and regulations in place to protect the environment in the country, due to lack of enforcement, everything seemed chaotic. While worrisome effects of noise are dangerous enough to deserve serious attention of the authorities, the citizens are unable to figure out why senior government officials and environmental law enforcement agencies failed to take action until the situation become chaotic.


The West created this widespread mess!

After the 2003 illegal invasion of Saddam’s Iraq by Bush and Blair, followed by the ousting of Gaddafi by the West in 2011, we saw an uprising in Syria, which has so far taken more than 400,000 lives of fighters as well as innocent civilians, by ...

Rising power of Thirupathi politics


Are we heading with speed towards Solar Relief? The Avurudu highlights of solar tradition were completed with joyous participation of the people, and we had the recognized leader of the nation, President Sirisena, travel at speed to India the next day,...

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