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What our cricketing greats did not say


The proposal for a multi-million-dollar cricket stadium in Homagama, proposed by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), was temporarily shelved by a Prime Ministerial directive.

It all began when Minister Bandula Gunawardane made a public announcement. Homagama being his electorate, he probably considered the project a useful vote-catching gimmick for the forthcoming parliamentary election.

The initial projected cost for the floodlit stadium with a 40,000-seater capacity amounts to US 40 million. The complex would include a natural turf wicket playing field, indoor nets, changing rooms, swimming pool, gym and a rehabilitation center, office space, and many other facilities. It would also include a VVIP box, an absolute must in this country, may it be in stadiums, theatres, or even aircraft. Funding would be by way of a bank loan to be repaid by SLC over 15 years from its earnings.


General Elections 2020: A Defining Moment for Sri Lanka

A headline in a newspaper of May 23rd quoted the Prime Minister as having said, "President and Cabinet can efficiently manage the country without parliament" (Daily Mirror May 23, 2020). The President has stated, and has been quoted many time...

White Women, Arrack Fortunes And Buddhist Girls’ Education


The Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka has been represented as a predominantly male movement with emphasis on charismatic patriarchs such as Bhikku Migettuwatte Gunananda, Colonel Olcott and Anagarika Dharmapala, with fleeting appearances by Helena Blavatsk...

Re-Vitalisng the 2,000-Year Old Mudu Maha Viharaya- A Protected Archeological Monument


The Great Temple By the Sea- the Mudu Maha Viharaya in Pottuvil, a Listed Archeological Protected Monument in the district of Ampara is back in the news for a good reason. The unwarranted trials and tribulations faced by this Buddhist temple in Po...

The coronavirus and Sri Lanka’s pre-existing non-medical conditions


The two most vulnerable groups to the coronavirus are the elderly and people of all age groups with pre-existing medical conditions, i.e. the so-called life-cycle illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, liver complications, lun...

Mayhem and rioting left no option


The people of Hong Kong, hundreds of whom are friends, dozens close friends, and over decades thousands of students, have, in the main, no one but themselves to blame that it has come to such a sad pass. It is my considered view that Hong Kong left the...

The gift of Buddhism: the perpetual torch bearer to the nation


Natural catastrophes, foreign invasions, insurgencies and blood shed, a three-decade long civil war, carnages of unimaginable terror have added to the chapters of our island’s chronicle. As the Poson Poya dawns this year, commemorating the offici...

Retirement perks for top cops

May I congratulate you for the excellent editorial that appeared in your issue of May 24. At a time when particularly the electronic media has hit a new low, it’s indeed refreshing to read The Island editorials.

Aunty Diana


Much has been written in praise of Diana Captain who passed away three months ago. I think the essence of Diana, the generous aspect of her, has been missed out. If someone had touched on it, I probably missed it. Reference to her generosity bears repe...

Theravada Buddhism in Nepal; Darkness and Light


When the British took over Ceylon and Burma they used at first robust but gradually more subtle means to weaken the traditional religions; Hinduism but more so Buddhism, believing that the Anglicisation of the subject peoples would make them more amiab...

Can Donald Trump Suspend Elections by Declaring Martial Law?


There is no dearth of examples suggesting that President Donald Trump lives in an alternate reality. But his belief that the coronavirus "came out of nowhere" and "blindsided the world" — even though public health experts had ...

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