Students panic as Tigers blast claymore near school

by Dinasena Rathugamage

Students of Eraperiyakulam Perakum Vidyalaya, in Vavuniya, panicked and ran helter skelter yesterday when the LTTE detonated a claymore mine near the school, targeting a group of STF officers on their way to a meeting with the school authorities.

The incident took place just as classes had begun.

Last Friday too a similar incident occurred near the school and children kept away from school on Monday. A meeting had been scheduled, for yesterday morning, between the school authorities and the STF to discuss safety measures.

No one was injured in yesterday’s blast but there was utter confusion and pandemonium within the school premises.

Meanwhile, following a tip off from a civilian, the Army raided an abandoned house in Kumankulam in Vavuniya on Monday and recovered two claymore mines along with arms and ammunitions.

The Army has now commenced investigations to ascertain the ownership of the abandoned house from where the haul was recovered.

The 211 Brigade, where the haul was taken, said that it was encouraging that the public were volunteering to provide information to the Army on hidden



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