Calgary Buddhists to build houses for Seruwila IDPs

KANDY: A group of Sri Lankan Buddhists residing in Calgary, Canada have offered to build houses for villagers who were displaced following LTTE terrorism around Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihare in eastern Sri Lanka.

Venerable Munghene Mettarama Thero monk in residence of the ancient vihare has left for Canada to finalise arranagments.

Ven. Mettarama Nayake Thero will discuss the project with the organisers headed by Lal Perera and Ajith Karunasena in Calgary.

The historic Seruwila Raja Maha Vihare after being released from the LTTE terrorists has been declared as a World Heritage sacred shrine and manage by a committee with the patronage of Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Ven. Munghene Mettarama Nayake Thero said.

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